7.5" Glass Bong w/ Perc and Ice Catcher Assorted Colors

  • 7.5 inches and made of glass
  • Glass on glass
  • Side joint beaker base bong
  • Percolator 
  • Ice catcher
  • 14 mm male bowl piece
  • Available in green, purple, pink, and blue!

Are you trying to discover how amazing your casual, every day smoking sessions could be? Well you’re in luck! With this gorgeous 7.5 inch glass side joint bong you can! 

This bong includes an ice catcher, a single percolator, and a stunning side joint. The side joint and 14mm male bowl piece makes for an easier packing and lighting experience while smoking. 

The combination of the ice catcher and perc is sure to give a smooth filtered hit that you can enjoy endlessly.

We are certain that this stellar bong is sure to surpass both you and your smoking partners needs and expectations!

This rad bong is available in green, pink, purple, and blue!