7” Shower Bend Dab Rig w/ Triangle Percolator

  • Shower Bend Water Pipe
  • Heavy glass w/ strong base 
  • 7-inch glass rig
  • Glass on Glass
  • High quality quartz glass banger. Made to last and stand heat. 
  • 18mm Female Banger + 18mm Female Bowl pc included
  • Affordable dab rig set for under $30 bucks! 

Are you looking to discover how wicked your everyday smoking sessions could be for you and your smoking partners? Have you been looking for a unique and sturdy but colorful and easy to clean dab rig? You’ve found the rig for you!

Introducing our beautiful 7-inch dab rig available in blue, black, white and green! The diamond insert comes with a stunning 18mm female quartz banger, and the round insert comes with a dry herb bowl for easy packing!

Clear and yet full of color, this zesty rig is easy to see when it needs a good cleaning and when it’s sparkling like new. 

This rig is sure to last you and your smoking partners sesh after sesh!

  • $29.99
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