• Dark Red 5" Red Thick Glass Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Carb Hole Glass Pipes

5" Red Thick Glass Spoon Hand Pipe w/ Carb Hole

  • 5-inch thick glass pipe
  • Crafted with carb hole 
  • Available in 4 different colors!

This spectacular glass hand pipe will be the perfect addition to your or your friend’s smoking collection! 

Created with a carb hole, your hits are sure to be easy to control! This 5-inch premium hand pipe is compact and perfect to travel with, making it easy to bring to all of your smoking sessions! This pipe fits easily in your hand to prevent accidental dropping. 

Available in mellow yellow with black shatter, wicked white with red and black shatter, fire orange with yellow shatter, and bubbling blue with yellow shatters!  This pipe makes the perfect gift for any smoker who loves trippy designs.

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