3" Collectible Glass Dry Herb Candy Crush Pipes. Buy 2 Get 1 Free Smoking Pipe

  • 3 inches and made of glass
  • Add 2 pipes to your cart and receive the 3rd pipe FREE! 
  • Assorted Colors 
  • Random colors chosen for each order!
  • Available for wholesale!


Introducing our dazzling 3-inch glass collectible Candy Crush smoking pipes!

Crafted to include a carb hole and a beautiful design.

Our collectible Candy Crush pipes come in many assorted colors. For each order random assorted colors will be chosen. We’re sure you will fall in love with your new travel-sized, Candy Crush pipe!

Your new pipe is going to be easy to hold and simple to control, having the perfect hand-held size as well as a carb-hole. 

Our Candy Crush pipes make the perfect gift for a traveling smoker. Being small and compact, they’re easy for on the go action!

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