6" Shower Bend Designer Dab Rig

  • Shower Bend Dab Rig
  • 6 inches
  • Glass on Glass 
  • Banger + Dry Bowl Included 
  • Available in black and blue
  • High quality quartz glass banger. Made to last and stand heat. 
  • Affordable Dab Rig set for under $30 bucks! 

Are you trying to discover how amazing you could make your everyday smoking sessions? Well, you’re in luck! With this gorgeous 6-inch glass shower bend dab rig, you can! 

This rig includes a single percolator and a stunning design. Available in beautiful black, and wicked color-changing yellow!

We know that this stellar dab rig is sure to surpass both you and your smoking partners needs and expectations!

Our dab rig has a wicked white watercolor design, and a swirling design can be found on the base of the rig. 

Like the 6-inch dab rig but hoping for something a little simpler? Check out our clear shower bend dab rigs!

  • $29.99
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