• If you want to get the most out of that fire kush that just came into your possession, then you will want to invest in a cannabis grinder. You will also want to learn how to use it properly.

    If you plan to share, then your reputation and bragging rights hang in the balance of how you plan to smoke and how smooth is the toke. 

    Grinders are one of those things you don't realize are a necessity until you get one. Then you'll wonder how you ever lived out your days without one. Taking the extra time to break up your weed by hand is now a thing of the past.

    Keep learning to learn more about cannabis grinders, how they're used, and how they'll benefit your next smoke sesh.

    What is a Cannabis Grinder?

    So, what exactly is a Cannabis grinder? Well, to put it simply, it's a small (usually metal) container with little teeth that grind up your nugs perfectly.

    They make all grinders with the following three components:

    1. A chamber for grinding
    2. The teeth that make the grinding possible
    3. A lid to hold everything inside and to add to the compression of your nugs

    Keeping this in mind, grinders also range in size. We refer the sizing "Two-piece", "three-piece", and "four-piece". This is regarding having a single chamber, two chambers, or three—respectively. 

    The Two-piece single chamber weed grinders are small and can fit in the palm of your hand. They are made up of the "bowl" and the lid, which create a single chamber when combined. 

    The Three-piece double chamber grinders are about the same size but sit taller. This is because, besides the bowl and the lid, there's another piece underneath the bowl. 

    Now, there are also holes in the bowl so that while you're grinding, the grounds fall into the second chamber—also known as the collection chamber. 

    The Four-piece triple chamber grinders have a small mesh screen in addition to the collection chamber. This created a third chamber that we like to call: the kief chamber.

    So now, as you grind your nugs and the grounds fall through to the collection chamber, you will continue to grind further. What this process does is it helps to loosen up the tiny terpenes and other plant materials, causing them to fall through the mesh and collect at the very bottom. This pollen-like material is what we refer to as kief. 

    Now that you know the cannabis grinder basics, let's move on.

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  • Cannabis is experiencing a booming growth as more states push for legalized marijuana.

    Of course, for recreational users that means more information is available on both flower and the associated paraphernalia.

    Many people aren't quite aware of what's out there just yet, but it's important to take a look around so you know what you're buying.

    Are you looking at buying a bong? If so, then you'll be interested to know there are different types to suit everyone's needs. Let's dive right in.

    What Defines a Bong?

    A bong is essentially any form of water-pipe that doesn't require a hose to operate.

    So, technically, a hookah isn't a bong and they're rather wasteful for smoking cannabis at any rate.

    Instead, a bong will usually consist of a bowl, a chamber for the water, and a carb which you let off to clear the smoke from the device.

    They range from relatively cheap metal-on-plastic models that are certainly serviceable to glass-on-glass bongs which have an extensive array of accessories to provide for a smoother smoking experience.

    Bongs are generally superior to pipes and joints when it comes to conservation of the cannabis. In most cases, a single toke is taken from the bowl of a bong, which means nothing is lost to sidestream smoke.

    The water also cools down the smoke, allowing the user to take larger hits and hold them for much longer.

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  • It's true. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about enjoying marijuana. About 50% of people have tried weed, but how many of us are doing it the right way?

    Smoking remains the most popular way to enjoy the effects of the cannabis plant. Yet, it can be hard for newbies to get the hang of it. Certain smoking tips and techniques can also help to enhance your high. 

    So, how do you get the best and most effective smoking experience? Here are the most common mistakes people make when learning to smoke bud. 

    Not Learning How to Inhale Properly 

    Proper inhalation is an important step in learning to smoke weed. Inhaling weed incorrectly may result in you not feeling high the first time you smoke. It also ends up wasting good bud. 

    Weed gets you high when its smoke gets into your lungs. This happens as THC absorbs into your bloodstream through the lungs. A proper inhale ensures the weed passes into your lungs so you'll feel instant effects.  

    So, what's the right way to smoke? Start by taking a deep drag, pause, then inhale again to get the smoke deep into your lungs. The technique is not like puffing on a cigar, but more like pulling on a cigarette.  

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