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  • Flowers vs Concentrates. What Should I be Smoking?

    A wise man once told me, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” This was certainly the case as a cannabis user before legalization started to spread throughout the country. I’d be lucky to find anything that would be considered today as, “Top Shelf,” and I sure didn’t have the hook-up to get my hands on any sort of concentrates. I’d really be in trouble if my connect was dry or short on product when it came to re-up.

    Luckily, these days there are an abundance of options to choose from. Walk into any dispensary and you’ll quickly see rows of flower, shelves of concentrates, walls of edibles and more. Looking for pain relief without the psychoactive feeling of being high? You can find CBD products online without even having to leave your home. There has truly never been more choices for those looking for to use THC or CBD.

    But with so many choices to choose from, an inexperienced cannabis user might find themselves uncertain as to what products they should be using. For example, when smoked, are there differences when using flower versus concentrates? As an experienced cannabis user, I can assure you, there are.

  • Ways to Keep Your Bong Safe

    It happens to the best of us. You just smoked a bowl of your favorite sativa to get in the mood to clean the house, you’re jamming out to your favorite music, whipping around without paying much attention and, boom, you knock something off of the table. Your heart drops. As you hear the shattering of glass into countless pieces on the floor, your stomach sinks. You realize you just broke your favorite bong. 

    Breaking your favorite bong is a headache for a number of reasons. First, there’s the emotional connection to your favorite piece and the realization that you won’t be having anymore smoke sessions. Then you realize that you don’t have anything else to smoke out of, which can be panic-inducing on its own. Luckily, you can order a new bong from StonedGenie for quick and reliable domestic shipping. You’ll be up and smoking again before you know it. 

    But now that you have a new bong or dab rig, it’s important that you protect this baby to save you the heartache of another massive break. To keep your new piece protected, here are some tips for keeping your bong or dab rig safe. 

  • Can I Wash My Bong or Dab Rig in The Dishwasher?

    The more you smoke, the more your bong and dab rig are likely to get dirty. For those that smoke the freshest flower, it’s only a matter of time before resin and other sticky residue start building up inside of your glass. Even for those that only dab, you can bet that some of your wax, budder and other concentrates are making their way into the chamber of your rig.

    While a dirty bong or dab rig won’t kill you, true cannabis aficionados will tell you that a lot of residue buildup will result in a less enjoyable taste when ripping your favorite strain. If you find yourself coughing a lot after each rip or noticing that the flavor isn’t what you expect, it might be time to clean your glass.

  • Buyer Beware of Cheap China Glass Bongs & Rigs

    You can never have too much glass when you’re a smoker. A small pipe is perfect for when you’re on the go and need a few hits. Your bong with a percolator is all of your friend's favorite piece to pass around while hanging out. And that dedicated dab rig keeps your concentrates separate from your flower. In truth, your glass collection is likely to grow as you continue to develop into a more experienced cannabis connoisseur.

    As your collection grows, you might start to look for inexpensive options from unreliable online resources with international headquarters. After all, it can be pricey as you start to add to all of your glass pieces. But while some places offer cheap glass bongs and rigs, it’s important to keep in mind that those outlets come with their own concerns.

  • How to clean your Dab Rig for under 5 bucks?

    Whether you’re smoking your favorite concentrate out of a dab rig or fresh flower out of your bong, it’s important that you keep your glass clean. Let residue start to develop and you’ll quickly notice that your rips are more harsh and less flavorful, making for a raucous smoking experience.

    If you make an effort to clean your glass regularly, it’ll become less of a tedious task over time. Not only will your rig have less buildup that’ll need to be cleaned, but you’ll also become a pro at this task that every smoker should be familiar with. When you’re able to quickly clean your glass and put it back in rotation, it makes the effort certainly worth it.