• It's true. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about enjoying marijuana. About 50% of people have tried weed, but how many of us are doing it the right way?

    Smoking remains the most popular way to enjoy the effects of the cannabis plant. Yet, it can be hard for newbies to get the hang of it. Certain smoking tips and techniques can also help to enhance your high. 

    So, how do you get the best and most effective smoking experience? Here are the most common mistakes people make when learning to smoke bud. 

    Not Learning How to Inhale Properly 

    Proper inhalation is an important step in learning to smoke weed. Inhaling weed incorrectly may result in you not feeling high the first time you smoke. It also ends up wasting good bud. 

    Weed gets you high when its smoke gets into your lungs. This happens as THC absorbs into your bloodstream through the lungs. A proper inhale ensures the weed passes into your lungs so you'll feel instant effects.  

    So, what's the right way to smoke? Start by taking a deep drag, pause, then inhale again to get the smoke deep into your lungs. The technique is not like puffing on a cigar, but more like pulling on a cigarette.  

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  • THC & CBD - What makes up your Marijuana?

    A lot of people commonly think there is an element of “versus” when comparing THC and CBD. In fact, “THC vs CBD” is a common Google query that comes up when researching the two. However, in looking at both, it’s valuable to recognize how THC and CBD are equally influential in making up the cannabis plant as a whole.

    While many people enjoy, and are likely familiar with, that “head high” you get from smoking THC-based strains, plenty of people rely on cannabis with no psychoactive elements. These strains still have CBD to help with pain relief, anxiety and other considerations, without any THC to cause a mind-altering state.

    It can get pretty complex when looking at THC and CBD, but here is a foundational breakdown of both elements of the cannabis plant.

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  • How to Choose Your First Dab Rig: 7 Useful Tips

    Any good stoner will know who Action Bronson is, and there’s a reason why this famed marijuana renaissance man chooses dabbing as his preferred method of getting high.

    Dabbing is becoming increasingly more popular among cannabis consumers all over the world.

    Not only does it provide you with a particular kind of high, but choosing a dab rig is one of the most exciting aspects of deciding to switch over from a vape or regular bong.

    If you’re thinking about getting into dabbing, then you’re going to want to put a lot of thought into your first dab rig. Here are seven useful tips to help you make the right choice.

    1. Choose a Dab Rig Appropriate for Your Usage

    You don’t need to invest in a lavish, over-the-top dab rig if you don’t smoke on a daily basis. Instead, take into consideration how much dabbing you actually do.

    Likewise, if you’re a daily dabber, then you’re going to want to invest in one of the best dab rigs so that it can keep up with your lifestyle.

    If you opt for a smaller rig, then you’re going to have to clean it a lot more often and that can be a hassle.

    When spending your money on your first rig, be honest with yourself about how much you’re going to actually use it. If you know you’re not going to be dabbing more than once a week or so, then stay away from the huge, attractive rigs that only professional stoners use.

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